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I’m busy watching the Olympics and working out 7 times a week ya’all

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Barbells and Beakers: The Sugar Series: Diet Soda and Fat Loss →


Does diet soda slow down your weight loss progress by slowing your metabolism? Does it make you pack on the pounds?

No, it doesn’t.

Let’s look at this 6 month study that compared sucrose sweetened soda (“regular soda”) with milk and diet coke given to obese people. Basically, they drank 1…

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Week 30

Monday: Upper body strength (chest, biceps, back, shouders, abs) 
Tuesday: 1 hour interval cycling, strength (abs, triceps, legs)
Wednesday:  1 hour cycling
Thursday: 1 hour interval cycling, upper body strength (same as monday)
Friday: 1 hour cycling 
Saturday:  Rest day or strength
Sunday: Maybe a fun class/same as saturday 


my mantra for the week. happy monday!

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my mantra for the week. happy monday!

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